Emergency: 718-680-1111

Youth Squad Membership

Thank you for your interest in the Bravo Youth Squad.


At this time we are not accepting new members into our youth squad but please check back for more updates in the future.


  • President: Jory Guttsman
  • Vice President Operations: David Aspiazu
  • Vice President Finance: Irene Quinn
  • Training: Kristofor Nelson
  • Communications: David Aspiazu
  • Comptroller: Margaret Del Bagno
  • Equipment: Thomas Weldon
  • Fleet Maintenance: Vincent McFalter
  • Interview Committee: Kristofor Nelson, Cathy Makris
  • Sunshine: Pamela Carlton, Elieen Oldcroft
  • Special Events Coordinator: Kristofor Nelson

Board of Directors

  • Board Chairperson: Pamela Carlton
  • President: Jory Guttsman
  • Peter Amentas
  • Amy Christodoulo
  • Nick Divincenzo
  • Kara Furey-Lessen
  • James Koutsavlis
  • Jason Ledakowich
  • Doreen Longo
  • James Nealon
  • Chris Tzavelis
  • Paul Vinnitsky


It costs BRAVO over $200,000.00 to purchase and equip each new ambulance, not to mention our administrative costs. Because of your support, BRAVO is able to provide FREE pre-hospital care..