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Youth Squad Membership

Youth Squad Marching

Thank you for your interest in Bravo’s Youth Squad!

Bravo’s Youth Squad offers a unique opportunity for anyone between the ages of 14-17 to learn and experience the world of emergency medical services. Youth Squad members will learn some of the key stills and tools used by Bravo’s EMTs as well as have a chance to compete with those skills at the end of the school year. Youth squad members are Bravo’s life blood in supporting many community and fund raising events that help the organization run.

If you are interested in being a part of this community, please fill out the form below.


    • President: Tony Napoli
    • Vice President Operations: David Aspiazu
    • Vice President Finance: Margaret DelBagno

    Board of Directors

    • Board Chairperson: Pamela Carlton
    • President: Tony Napoli
    • Peter Amentas
    • Amy Christodoulo
    • John DiViglio
    • James Koutsavlis
    • Mariana Murray-O’Connor
    • Diane Napoli
    • James Nealon
    • Chris Tzavelis
    • Paul Vinnitsky


    It costs BRAVO over $200,000.00 to purchase and equip each new ambulance, not to mention our administrative costs. Because of your support, BRAVO is able to provide FREE pre-hospital care..