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Cathy Makris

Bravo Volunteer Ambulance Service has sadly lost one of their own. Cathy Makris, a very active member in all of the years since she joined the corps in 1984, passed away suddenly on March 24th.

There are few organizations that are successful in their mission without the tireless efforts and dedication of their members. Often times, it is the leadership that takes the credit but there are many unsung, behind the scenes heroes whom without which, the glory could not be achieved. Cathy was that kind of member at Bravo.

Cathy took all of her responsibilities seriously. Whether she was taking care of her family, or at her church, or in her career at ADT and Merrill Lynch, or as a volunteer at Bravo, Cathy always gave what she was doing her all and she did it well.

The immense love that Cathy had for her mother, Peggy, her late sister Joan, her brother in law Paul and her niece and nephew Elisabeth and Peter was known by and set an example for all. She would and did whatever was needed to care for them and was committed to their happiness and success every day of her life.

Her deep religious faith and conviction to Christianity was quite evident. She prayed, went to Mass and participated in bible study groups. Her parish was yet another family for Cathy and she cared for it, gained strength from it and contributed to its goodness – as she did with everything she was involved in.

Cathy’s good friend and fellow member Beverly Slomka met her when she joined Bravo. Soon after that, Beverly invited Cathy to interview for the position as her assistant at Merrill Lynch. Beverly fondly remembers their time together at work, particularly Cathy’s ability to accomplish any task, regardless of it’s complexity, while maintaining her unique sense of humor and common sense approach to everything she dealt with.

Beverly’s friendship with Cathy had continued and Cathy’s mother took care of Beverly’s father in the last three years of his life.

Cathy joined Bravo to help people and that she did as well as anyone could. Not only did she give aid to the patients whose lives she touched, but her tireless assistance to anyone in the organization who asked for it was exemplary. She trained as an Emergency Medical Dispatcher and Emergency Medical Technician and the number of lives who she helped save or improve is innumerable. Whenever she took on a role at Bravo, whether chairing a committee, planning an event, or managing the personnel department, Cathy’s no-nonsense approach to the task at hand may have been misunderstood by some but it always got the job done and done well.

Another good friend and fellow member, Ann Falutico, knows well how thorough, exacting, hardworking, organized, honest and full of integrity Cathy was. Ann joined Cathy in many of the projects she was involved in at Bravo and naturally became friends with her outside of the organization. Ann knows that when you had Cathy’s friendship, you knew you could count on her. She was there to pick you up at the airport, bring you to the doctor, check in on a loved one, and even take out the dog in a pinch. Above all, she did everything happily, perfectly and made you feel free to ask for her help.

Bravo will certainly miss Cathy, one of their most loyal, compassionate, and trustworthy members. It will be difficult to replace her consummate planning ability and her caring, friendly nature will be remembered by all. Bravo owes a great deal of their success to Cathy and has been blessed to have her as a member as has anyone been blessed to have known her.

Tuesday April 2, 2019

2pm-4pm & 7pm-9pm

Calvin Funeral Home

7722 4th Ave

Brooklyn, NY 11209

Wednesday April 3, 2019


Mass to he held at

Holy Rosary Church

80 Jerome Ave 

Staten Island NY 10305

Cathy’s family has requested in lieu of flowers that donations be made to BRAVO in honor of Cathy. If you are interested in donating, please click the link below.

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It costs BRAVO over $200,000.00 to purchase and equip each new ambulance, not to mention our administrative costs. Because of your support, BRAVO is able to provide FREE pre-hospital care..