Prospective member orientation – Join!

“Prospective Member Orientations” take place several times a year. If you missed BRAVO’s “Prospective Member Orientation”, please visit our Web Page regularly for the next date. Once it is established, it will be posted here.

It will be held at BRAVO’s Headquarters, 8507-7th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11228. In the mean time, please follow these instructions… Please download our “Membership Application” located Here! Save the fillable application to your computer and fill in the application! (Signatures will be obtained at the orientation.)

E-mail your completed application to . You will be contacted prior to the orientation! Print and bring a copy of your completed application with you to the orientation. Note: If you currently hold any certifications, please bring them with you to the orientation.


Thank you Nick for coming with an ambulance to my classroom and showing my first grade class what an EMT is. It was a great experience and inspiration to these kids. They loved going in the ambulance and getting to feel the stretcher and seeing all the equipment. Besides rushing to real life emer…
Stacy B.


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