Thank you to all that supported BRAVO’s 2010 Fall Fund Drive. Thanks to contributions from those in BRAVO”s Community, BRAVO has been able to provided FREE ambulance service to our Community Since 1974.
BRAVO’s FREE ambulance service comes at a cost. The cost of one new ambulance can be in excess of $190,00.00. Add to this, state of the art equipment, vehicle and building insurance, fuel, emergency supplies, heating, lighting and so much more and you can see the expenses add up significantly.

BRAVO relies on your generous contributions to make this possible. BRAVO also relies on the gracious contributions of “Precious Time” from our Volunteers. BRAVO’s staff is 100% Volunteer! This combination allows BRAVO to be 100% FREE to her Community.

If you’d like to become a BRAVO member, please contact our Executive VP at . Take a moment to see our “Prospective Member Orientation” – Join posting.

If you wish to be a financial supporter of the BRAVO success story, you can contact our VP of Finance by mail at BRAVO 8507-7th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11228 or email at and we’ll get a contribution envelope out to you.

Thank you for “Keeping BRAVO Running” !


When I was feeling chest pains three weeks ago, I called Bravo! They immediately started to treat me and rushed me to the hospital. I had suffered a heart attack and it was Bravo’s rapid response, treatment, and transport that saved my life! I have been donating for years never thinking that it w…
Salvatore M.


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