• President: Jory Guttsman
  • Executive Vice President: TBD
  • Vice President Operations: TBD
  • Vice President Finance: Irene Quinn
  • Training: Kristofor Nelson
  • Communications: David Aspiazu
  • Comptroller: Margaret Del Bagno
  • Equipment: TBD
  • Fleet Maintenance: Vincent McFalter
  • Public Relations Director: TBD
  • Interview Committee: Kristofor Nelson, Cathy Makris
  • Sunshine: Pamela Carlton, Elieen Oldcroft
  • Special Events Coordinator: TBD
  • Recording Secretary: TBD
BRAVO is a community-based organization where friendships are made and team efforts provide the best in pre-hospital emergency care to our neighbors, friends and families. It is a group of..
It costs BRAVO over $200,000.00 to purchase and equip each new ambulance, not to mention our administrative costs. Because of your support, BRAVO is able to provide FREE pre-hospital care..

The year was 1974….. City ambulance response times in the Bay Ridge, Dyker Heights and Fort Hamilton communities could be in excess of one hour. In an emergency time is critical.


I want to thank the volunteers that were seen working during Hurricane Sandy. While everyone else seeks shelter within their home with their families, you were seen responding to our neighborhood emergency medical needs! Having Bravo in our area increases everyone’s value! Thanks for the wonderfu…
A Dyker Heights Resident


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